20 Apr


Country: Poland
Year: 2022
Label: Ossuary Records

AQUILLA is a Heavy Metal band from Poland which they are working very hard to produce quality Heavy Metal music and finally I'm very glad that their first full-length studio album ''Mankind's Odyssey'' was released via one of my favourite metal record labels OSSUARY Records. We had a conversation in the past with the drummer Pete Slammer which you can read very interesting stories about the band HERE. The music AQUILLA is a true classic 80s heavy metal but filtered with a freshy and young metal attitude! The album starts with a mysterious & very interesting intro I would say and then a heavy metal BOOM explodes from the speakers!! The song ''Arrival'' fucking shreds!!! Catchy riffs ala HELLOWEEN together with pounding bass lines and fast drumming with a beautiful and melodic voice from Blash Raven! Reminds me a little bit of the German Heavy Metal scene from the 80s and some bands from the mid 90s like WIZARD & IRON SAVIOR!! The album continues to flow amazing heavy metal songs like ''Pathfinder'' (such a great solo!!), ''Scarlet Skies'' (emotional and very melodic song!), ''The Awakening'' (Speed metal hurricane!!), ''Rapt in Darkness'' (awesome high vocals), ''Intersection'' (such a catchy guitar work from Kris Invader & Chris Scanner. Melodic speed metal riffs with a killer solo!!), ''Saviors of the Universe'' (Such a great song with an amazing refrain! Awesome drum work by Pete Slammer), ''New Dawn of Evadera'' (great atmospheric 80s synth-work!) and the album ends with the ''Zero'' (2021). It's a bonus track & it is a re-recording from their first single in 2016. This song has an amazing energy with a catchy refrain & with killer bass lines from Hippie Banzai! I'm feeling so proud that bands like AQUILLA keep the heavy metal flag up-high and record labels like OSSUARY Records support them! Don't forget that this label has in its roster another awesome Polish classic heavy metal bands like, SHADOW WARRIOR, IRONBOUND, RASCAL & DIVINE WEEP and of course bands from outside of EU and more extreme metal. Check it out and support! So, Metalheads out there if you want a cosmic heavy/speed metal band with high vocals, catchy melodies and synth elements, then AQUILLA's Mankind Odyssey is an album for you!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.





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