08 Jan


Country: Poland
Year: 2023
Label: Ossuary Records

Finally, finally,finally !!! The first full-length studio album of the Polish Speed/Heavy metallers RASCAL is here to blow our ears. Their previous EP, ''Headed Towards Destruction'', was so fucking hot and heavy, and as I wrote in the review (before 2 years), ''I'm pretty sure that the future is bright for them.'' And fuck yeah, with their newest full-length studio album, ''Lost Beyond Reason'', RASCAL has nothing to fear on their way, and they are here to take our brains and ears with their music! The compositions are very professional and go beyond their previous releases. Powerful speed heavy metal with beautiful refrains, catchy riffs, hot guitar solos, fast technical drumming, and great high-pitched vocals!! As I can hear and analyze their compositions, the band has worked really hard to produce such fresh heavy metal songs. What can I say? You should (or I would say you must) hear ''Trapped Within the Lightning'' (check the official video!), ''Running Out of Air'' (Killer guitar solo!!!), ''Lost Beyond Reason'' (awesome bass lines together with the drum parts make an epic song), ''Slow Burner'' (pure hot heavy metal with such a killer fast guitar riff), ''Soldiers Of Hell'' (Oh Man!!! This song is so fucking badass!!! I have heard it more than 20 times!!), for sure my favorite song of the album, together with the last song, ''Into the Night''!!! I'm very pleased with the new album of RASCAL, and I must say that I'm really glad to see young people who play so fucking great with beautiful compositions, and they produced songs that talk to my metal heart. So girls and boys, support RASCAL, support the physical formats, and support record labels like Ossuary Records (Hail my metal brother Mateusz) that keep the metal flag high!! And don't forget to listen to ''Soldiers of Hell'' at maximum volume!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.

Vocals - Kacper Pędziszewski
Guitar - Maciej Zybura
Guitar - Adrian Wiązowski
Bass - Krystian Grobel
Drums - Krzysztof Kamiński

1. Approaching the Storm 01:22
2. Trapped Within the Lightning 04:26
3. The Faster the Better 04:17
4. Running Out of Air 05:47
5. Prelude to Violence 01:05
6. Born to Kill 03:08
7. Lost Beyond Reason 05:33
8. Conquest 03:47
9. Slow Burner 05:20
10. Soldiers of Hell 04:48
11. Into the Night 04:52







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