20 Apr


Country: Colombia
Year: 2022
Label: Ossuary Records

RAMERA is a one man band hailing from Colombia and their music is so fucking great!! The main composer (and the man behind RAMERA) is Ratman. We had a conversation with him in the past, which you can read HERE. I'm very glad that RAMERA has signed with one of my favourite metal labels (Hail Mateusz!!) from Poland OSSUARY Records. Check all the bands from this label cause you will find there the hottest metal bands nowadays! Now let's go back to the debut album of RAMERA. ''Anarquía y Destrucción'' is the title (what a badass title, Anarchy & Destruction!) & it was released in Digital format throught RAMERA's Bandcamp page. As I said before OSSUARY Records has the hottest metal bands in their roster, so they grab the chance to release this awesome album in physical formats (limited edition cassette and of course on CD!). I would prefer it also on vinyl (cause I'm collecting mostly vinyls) especially for this amazing cover artwork! It is so fucking great!! It reminds me of a cult 80s VHS!! The album contains 7 songs of pure hate, horror and fast metal rippingfleshing riffs!! ''Inquisición'' is a fucking fast song with heavy riffs and vocals screams that will break your neck from the demonic headbanging! ''Aquelarre'' I would say that it is a horrific song with a riff in the beginning ala SLAYER and with an amazing bass line which makes your head go up and down automatically. Great song with a street metalpunk feeling! In the continue we can hear the ''Iglesia Ramera''. A beautiful intro and then a chaotic riff starts that is gonna blow your speakers!! Amazing song full of hate and destruction with some blast beats on the drums and the screams from Ratman will remain in your mind! The Fourth song of the album is the same title ''Anarquía y Destrucción''. Heavy as fuck riffs with and drum parts so solid as an iron fist straight in your face! Distorted bass lines (I love the bass sound in the whole album!) that makes the sound so warm and loud!! In the continue we hear the ''Comandos de Guerra''. Holy fuck!! Total thrashing rage played in the maximum. The last 2 songs from the album are ''Bullet Rainfall'' and ''Reign Of Doom (Forbidden Realm)'' which are in English language (all the others are in Spanish language). Both are extremely heavy, fast & loud songs with beautiful riffs and refrains that will stick to your mind! I have enjoyed the ''Anarquía y Destrucción'' album in the physical format than the first time I had listened to it in their digital format. You can read the lyrics and the credits while you listen to it and of course enjoy this amazing cover artwork. The production of the album is fucking great and it was recorded & mixed by Santiago Gonzales at Epia Estudios and it was mastered by Janus Grabowski at HiGain Studio. All music and lyrics were made by Ratman. ''Bullet Rainfall'' and ''Reign Of Doom'' in the company of Morgul, Sebastian Parra, Camilo Mendez. Solo in ''Inquisición'' and ''Comandos de Guerra'' by Andrei Fuentes. Drums by Santiago Gonzales. Additional voices in ''Comandos de Guerra'' by Dino (Primer Regimen). So metal maniacs out there, support the bands and buy their physical formats albums/official merchandise because if you want to have a metal horror music journey, then RAMERA's ''Anarquía y Destrucción'' will be your guide! Ideal for fans of VENOM, MIDNIGHT, HELLRIPPER, TOXIC HOLOCAUST etc.

By Steve the Filthy Dog.






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