08 Jan


Country: Poland
Year: 2023
Label: Ossuary Records

Second full-length studio album from this great black/speed metal band, Okrütnik. What can I say for this amazing release? It is pure hell!! The compositions are way more mature and professional than their first album, ''Legion Antychrysta'', much heavier, darker, and more powerful! This is, for me, a great example of what every band should do: be more experienced and professional from year to year. Okrütnik is the perfect example of a band that works very hard to get better and better. The album ''Krwawy Pontyfikat'' contains nine hellish thrashing songs (OK, the first one is an intro). Listen to the same title, ''Krwawy Pontyfikat'' and feel the magic of their music!! Black fucking speed metal! ''Wnieborżnięcie Maryi Panny'' is another killer song that will hunt you for sure; check out the great official video. ''Lochy Watykanu'' is a very dark song with atmospheric elements. ''Almanach Opętanych'' is a fast song with hellish screaming vocals and double bass drumming that you will feel like fists in your face!! The album closes with ''Oddech Potępieńca'', a very dark and black song with a heavy guitar song! All the songs on the album have a dark atmosphere that will possess you, and you will want to listen to them again and again. The production of the album is great; it was recorded and mixed by Eryk Kula at Tvvardovvian Barn ov Hell and mastered by Janusz Grabowski at HiGain Studio. Also, I must mention here the killer artwork and layout made by Dawid Boldys (Shred Perspectives Works). A big bravo to Okrütnik for releasing this killer album, and a big shout-out to Mateusz and Ossuary Records. All of you guys make the world of metal stronger!!! Keep the metal faith!!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.

The CD version is released in a standard jewel case (transparent tray) and comes with a 12-page booklet.

The cassette version has been released in three limited editions:
1. Black-colored tape (50 copies)
2. Red-colored tape (50 copies)
3. Exclusive full-print tape (20 copies)

Vocals & Guitar - Marcin Kulik
Guitar & Vocals - Eryk Kula
Bass - Szymon Garbarczyk
Drums - Tomasz Rogacki

1.1978 01:01
2. Krwawy Pontyfikat 03:31
3. Rytuały Czarnego Ognia 06:08
4. Wnieborżnięcie Maryi Panny 03:55
5. Pieśń Świętokradców 03:16
6. Lochy Watykanu 05:06
7. Wdowa po Rzeźniku 06:13
8. Almanach Opętanych 02:31
9. Oddech Potępieńca 06:01









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