22 Apr


Country: Poland
Year: 2024
Label: Ossuary Records

Polish metallers IRONBOUND are back with their newest second album, which was released on March 15th, and the name of it is ''Serpent's Kiss''. Another awesome release from one of my favorite record labels, OSSUARY Records (Hail, my metal brother Mateusz!!!). What is going on in Poland?? They have an awesome metal scene with amazing metal bands from all the metal genres, and together with the support from the metal labels and the press, they make an unstoppable metal force!! A big BRAVO to everyone!! Well, here we have the second metal attack from IRONBOUND. Loud, heavy, and melodic metal music is playing that grabs you by the throat from the first second the album starts. Amazing metal songs like ''Doomsday To Come'' a fresh metal song with an excellent refrain, ''Holy Sinners'' (AAARRRGGG!!! What a song! Amazing killer!!! Such a lovely guitar solo!!), ''Serpent's Kiss'' (badass song!!), ''The Destroyer of Worlds'' (Epic song!), ''The New Dawn'' (such a sentimental song with beautiful melodies!!), ''Forefathers' Rites '' (straight metal in your face), ''Vale of Tears'' (heavy fast metal song), and ''The Healer of Souls'' (the longest song of the album, very atmospheric with heavy outbursts and metal pounding rhythms, great tunes!!!). The guitar work from Michał Halamoda and Krzysztof Całka I would say that with only one word: AMAZING!! So professional work with killer licks, heavy rhythms, melodic solos, and the sound is awesome. The rhythm section, Zbigniew Bizoń on Bass & Adam Całka on Drums are the heavy and solid foundations of the band, and last but not least, the vocalist, Łukasz Krauze is very characteristic. I know, I know, many of you (and me, by the way, I wrote it in my review for their first album, ''The Lightbringer'') will tell me that his voice is so similar to Blaze Bailey, but if you listen to the album again and again, you will hear that it has his own tone color. The band members have worked hard to reach that level of music, and you can hear it clearly in this album! This is the progress of every band; be better than your previous albums. The first album, ''The Lightbringer'', was really a killer album, so IRONBOUND has put the standards high, but with this album, ''Serpent's Kiss'', they have raised the standards much higher. The production is loud and heavy, mixed and mastered by Azar, and I must mention here an unbelievable futuristic, post-apocalyptic cover artwork (again) made by Mariusz Gandzel. Well done, IRONBOUND, for this album, and well done to Mateusz from OSSUARY Records for the great and professional work that he does on his releases, and of course that he has on his roster the hottest metal bands right now!! IRONBOUND does not leave the listeners unsatisfied and once again offers a valuable album to the heavy metal community. The CD was released in a standard jewel case (black tray), and it comes with a 12-page booklet. For the vinyl maniacs, ''Serpent's Kiss'' was released in 3 colors: standard black, marbled magenta, and glow in the dark neon green, so metal maniacs, you know what to do!! Support IRONBOUND and catch them on the road, wherever you can! 

By Steve the Filthy Dog.

Łukasz Krauze – vocals
Michał Halamoda – Guitars
Krzysztof Całka – Guitars
Zbigniew Bizoń – Bass
Adam Całka - Drums

1. Doomsday to Come
2. Holy Sinners
3. Serpent's Kiss
4. The Destroyer of Worlds
5. The New Dawn
6. Forefathers' Rites
7. Vale of Tears
8. The Healer of Souls









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