17 Nov


Country: Poland
Year: 2019
Label: Wings Of Destruction Production

Wings Of Destruction Production is a label that has quality bands and top notch releases! Mega thanks to the owner Alex Tiran who introduced me to this awesome band from the metallic land of Poland.  In 2019 the Polnish black/thrash metallers EMPHERIS released their album ''The Return Of Derelict Gods'' and it contains 12 tracks:
1. The Beginning
2. Rot No More
3. Testimony Of Frozen Soul
4. Black Mirror
5. Torn By Aeons
6. In The Name Of Unholy Spirit
7. Palladium In Fire
8. The Black
9. Eternal Flame Is Burning
10. Necromantic
11. Black Pyramid*
12. Insure For Ages One's Life*

Their story begins in the mid 90's under the name Eris, but you can read more infos in the interview that they gave us. As for the album, we have a total hellish powerful blackened thrash release! From the first notes your journey to a black metal hell starts. Amazing hellish songs like ''The beginning'' (my favourite!), ''Rot No More'', ''Black Mirror'', ''In The Name Of The Unholy Spirit'' are gonna blow your fucking head off!! Black atmosphere with riffs, drumming & vocals that are gonna tear your skin (and your soul) apart. Here we have the edition of Wings Of Destruction Production which was released in a Special Edition in 6-panels Digipak with 2 Exclusive Bonus Tracks from their Promo 2007 only for the Russian Market. The production is really great and the cover artwork is so fucking awesome!! So, if you are a metal maniac and in your blood reigns the sounds of BATHORY, WATAIN, NIFELHEIM, VENOM, KREATOR, SODOM then this album is for you! The hellish hordes will come to haunt your house and your body!! Words are unnecessary for such a great album, listen to it and melt into the sounds of infinite hell.

By Steve the Filthy Dog.




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