06 Dec


Country: Finland
Year: 2021
Label: Ossuary Records

This Finnish band DEMOZTRATOR is playing aggressive and uncompromising thrash metal with solid roots back to the 80s thrash/death metal bands like: KREATOR, TESTAMENT, DEATH ANGEL, EXODUS etc. DEMONZTRATOR started up in 2016 and has since released one album in 2017 "Forgotten Acts of Aggression" which is a homage to the Finnish metal scene comprising of classic songs written by numerous overlooked underground bands like DEMENTIA, TERRIFIC VERDICT, CHARGED, AIRDASH and more. In 2019 they had released a 4-track EP "Myriad Ways of Dying", into their own awesome thrashy material, but you can read more infos about the band HERE. OSSUARY Records has the ability to track down the hottest bands in the metal scene (please, check the roster of Ossuary and you will realize for what bands I'm talking about!). In 1st of November 2021 ''Sinister Forces Of Hatred'' the new album of DEMOZTRATOR has been released. The album contains 10 aggressive thrash metal songs straight from the glorious 80s days with a new freshy style and with some death metal elements! Thrash metal orgasm with songs like: ''Murderlust'', ''The Collapse'', ''Crossing the Rubicon'', ''Nail Them All'' & ''Embryonic Evil''. The vocals of Jari Hurskainen (DISFORMED / GANDALF / THE SCOURGER) are really tough, heavy & wild, something between thrashy and brutal but with his own unique style. The guitar work from the 2 experienced guitar players of Timo Ahlström (FREEDOMINATION / ARCHITORTURE) & Jörgen Reinholm (known from the legendary Finnish underground speed metal band Defection) is fucking awesome!! Amazing solos and riffs that are gonna reap your ears like ''The Collapse'' & ''Embryonic Evil'' are the perfect examples! Also, I must say here a big shout-out to the killer rhythm section of Jukkis Lappalainen (AGAINST IT ALL / FREEDOMINATION) on Bass and the skin beater maniac Seppo Tarvainen (DANIEL LIONEYE / THE SCOURGER / SURVIVORS ZERO) on drums! All of them have worked really hard to produce a top-notch album in the thrash metal scene. Definitely a MUST album in your collection!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.






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