05 Dec


Country: Poland
Year: 2021
Label: Ossuary Records

DEATH HAS SPOKEN was formed in the beginning of 2017 and after their debut studio full-length album ''Fade'' and a split EP ''Unyielding'' in 2020, they are back with their newest album ''Call Of The Abyss''. You can read and learn more details about DEATH HAS SPOKEN HERE. With the music of DEATH HAS SPOKEN, the listener will make a journey back in time, around the early & middle 90's, where the melancholic & atmospheric doom/death metal scene was the up coming thing with bands like PARADISE LOST, ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE, KATATONIA etc. I had a long time to listen to such an emotional and beautiful album and as always one of my favorite metal labels, the Polish OSSUARY RECORDS released this great album. Songs with passion, atmosphere, power and melancholy traveling the listener in dark and cold places isolated from the human presence with only the rain, the forest, the water and maybe some black crows that follow until they find the corpse that will fill their stomachs are the only company in this musical journey. The voice of Karol Pogorzelski is dynamic with a lot of passion and at the same time so brutal with black metal elements! Especially in the songs like ''Call of the Abyss'', (Check their official video!) ''Crawling to the Tomb'' & ''Under the Flames'' you will feel goosebumps! Also the guitar work of Karol and Marcin Grygoruk (also synths) is excellent with low doomy tuning and slow heavy riffs that are gonna please all the doom/death metal maniacs out there! A must hear also is the atmospheric instrumental ''Wilderness'' with the excellent job on the classical guitars combined with the sounds of the wild wind and the sea.. Oh boy! What an Epic song. It matches exactly like the cover artwork. Professional work made by Marcin Grygoruk. Creative & inspiring the bass work of Maciej Chodynicki and together with the drum parts of Mikołaj Kupczyński raise the level of the compositions! They make the songs heavy as fuck! Listen to ''Woe'' & ''In Vain'' then you will understand what I mean. Also the production of the album is really great (OK! Nowadays, it is a little bit difficult to hear ''bad'' production, unless it is for the ''retro'' purpose atmosphere/feeling thing!). Anyway, ''Call Of The Abyss'' is an album that all the doom/death metal lovers out there must have in their collection!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.






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