19 Oct


Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2023
Label: Witches Brew Records

Yesterday the new EP ''Accursed Resurrection'' by BESTIAL REVILER arrived in the mail. Misotheist (Bass/Vocals) was kind enough to send it to us. We also had a very interesting conversation with him, which you can read HERE. BESTIAL REVILER's music is angry, noisy, fast and loud, the way that real speed death thrash metal should be played! I will not put labels on their music because they simply play with passion. From the very first track ''Clouds Of Carnage'', the listener understands that he is dealing with a band that plays violently with extreme outbursts just like the old days!! The EP contains 4 songs of pure hatred, amazing screaming growls (listen to ''The Ugliest Shadow'', such an awesome song with an amazing hellish guitar solo in the middle!) raw and fast songs like ''Sanctifying The Well''. ''Knights Of Error'' is a great song with metalpunk elements and killer guitar riffing!!! Also, check the video clip. It is so fucking awesome!!! Raw 'n' Filth (that's the way I like it!!!). But..wait..there's more to this CD. It includes 3 exclusive bonus tracks. A powerful rehearsal from ''The Ugliest Shadow'', OH Gee!!! It is very raw with an awesome distorted bass sound. I'm pretty sure that a crack in the wall will be made by the sound level!!! In the continue we can listen to a rehearsal from 2010 ''Hell's Metal Warfare''. Very good sound by the way, with excellent brutal vocals and with fast drumming, this song is pure hell!!! The last song of the EP is ''Pedopriest A.K.A. Homosexecutioner''(What a title!!!) a live song from 2010. Oh fuck!!! We are talking about a helluva live song!!! Panic!!! I have enjoyed the new CD by BESTIAL REVILER so much!! If you are a fan of raw & intense Speed Death Thrash Metal, then ''Accursed Resurrection'' will satisfy your metal appetite!!! So boys & girls grab your beers and boozes, call your friends and turn your speakers to the max and thrash your room with the music of BESTIAL REVILER! Long Live The Underground!!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.




CDs can be ordered from: https://www.witchesbrew.eu/store ,


or by writing to the band: bestialreviler@gmail.com 

The South American version of the tape can be ordered from http://www.rawblackult.com/ 

And the European version is gonna be available soon from: https://tapesofterror.bigcartel.com/ 

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