17 Nov


Country: Italy
Year: 2021
Label: Wings Of Destruction Production

BRUTAL - BRUTAL - BRUTAL!!! The new album of ZORA is here!! It is so sick and heavy. From the opening song ''Social Fakework'' til the last track ''Outro - The Grand Act (hidden track)'' the album is fucking shreds to the Maximum!!! Sickness brutal vocals with deadly riffs and drums like a demolition hammer are going to blow your head off!!! As far as I am concerned ZORA are definitely one of the best extreme death metal bands in Italy. The album proves the point even more! To put it bluntly, this album KILLS!!! Skull crushing power and ear splitting leads makes this a deathsters delight. ZORA knows how to make an album full of aggressiveness, brutality and rawness, they are experienced soldiers in the extreme death metal battlefields and like they said themselves in the album: ''...Since 2003 addicted to Brutal Rage Metal''. To all the fans of extreme death metal out there, ''Soul Raptor'' album is for you, don't miss this gem!! One of my best albums in 2021!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.




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