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Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Label: Inferno Records

Hellraiders hail from Palermo, Sicily Italy. After their 1st EP ''...Beat to Death'' in 2015 they are back with their first full-length studio album ''Fighting Hard''.The album starts with an instrumental power metal song ''Raider's Rage'' where can hear the epic words of Conan inside..so it is a really good start for an album to begin.
The songs are classic Speed / Heavy metal tunes with up-tempos and high pitch guitars with lot of melodies and agressiveness inside.Inspirated by the big ones like Raven, Acid, Tank & Motorhead. So you can easily realize that it is about a classic heavy metal album with a ''fuck you-street metal'' attitude.
The album contains 11 songs, one instrumental intro, a beautiful unplugged version of ''They Live'' and a cover song ''Emergency'' from Girlschool.
1. Raiders' Rage
2. Beat to Death
3. Hellraiders
4. Starving for Your Blood
5. Cursed by Gods
6. They Live
7. Kill for Beer
8. Prince of Hell
9. Emergency (Girlschool cover)
10. Fighting Hard
11. They Live (Unplugged Version)

The production of the album is very strong and tough and the whole project comes with a beautiful cover artwork.
A must have for every headbanger out there!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.






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