22 Apr


Country: Poland
Year: 2024
Label: Ossuary Records

AAARRRRGGGGG!!!! What do we have here? The debut EP of TECHNOPHOBIA!! Young, wild, and with total thrashing rage, powerful metal music hails from Bydgoszcz, Poland. As I have said (and written!) many times, Poland probably right now has the best metal scene worldwide!! TECHNOPHOBIA has a place there, and of course the mighty OSSUARY Records (Hail, my metal brother Mateusz!!) gives the chance and the support to those awesome bands. Also, I'm feeling very lucky because the band sent me their material before even releasing it on CD, and of course I grabbed the opportunity to have an interview with them, which you can read HERE. The music of TECHNOPHOBIA is aggressive, fast, thrash, and wild!! The CD ''Anti-Human Terror'' contains four songs of furious crossover thrash metal. The CD starts with the same title, ''Anti-Human Terror''. Oh gee, what a killer song is this?? Powerful thrashy guitar riffing by Kajetan Krzanowski will make your head turn around and around!! ''Pandemic Fear'' is another badass song (my favorite one) with technical drum parts and hellish blast beats played by Piotr Rumiński. In the next, we hear ''Red Heaven'', which is the best soundtrack to destroy your room after the thrashing mosh. The vocal parts from Ozrata Masakrovich are fucking great, with high-pitched and ferocious screams; he spits the lyrics to the listener's face, which is fantastic!!! The last song of the EP is ''No Solution'', a classic crossover thrash song in the vein of S.O.D. with heavy distorted bass by Bartosz Pinkowski and of course all the band gives 110% of their wildness to create a very fast and aggressive song! The production is solid as an iron fist, fresh and clear. And as for the cover artwork, it represents exactly what you are going to hear and, of course, is a homage to the mighty SODOM & CARNIVORE!!! TOP!!! ''Anti-Human Terror'' is a MUST release for all the headbangers out there. I wish all the best to the whole band, and I'm pretty sure that in the near future we will hear a lot about them. TECHNOPHOBIA has all the skills to make their name bigger and bigger; they are young, they play great with passion, they are wild, and they have the flame! What more can you ask?? Ideal for maniacs of WHIPLASH, CARNIVORE, S.O.D., AGENT STEEL, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, D.R.I., EXCEL, and many more from the great old ones. OLD SCHOOL THRASH METAL ATTACK!!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.

Ozrata Masakrovich - Vocals
Kajetan Krzanowski - Guitar
Bartosz Pinkowski - Bass
Piotr Rumiński - Drums

1. Anti-Human Terror
2. Pandemic Fear
3. Red Heaven
4. No Solution









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