14 Aug


Country: Germany
Year: 2023
Label: Iron Shield Records

The German thrashers TASKFORCE TOXICATOR are finally releasing their first full length album ''Laser Samurai'' through the German metal label Iron Shield Records (Rock City Berlin!!!). The band has been active for several years now, and they have offered us some awesome thrash songs. We have presented their previous releases and we also had a very interesting interview with them. The band's guitarist Dominik (Hail my metal brother!!) was kind enough to send us their new album, which will be released next September. The opening song is the same title, ''Laser Samurai'', and it is a thrashing metal bomb which will explode your speakers! In the continue we have ''Commercial Confessions'' thrash metal anthem with a refrain that stucks in your mind & ''Death From Above'' so fucking heavy song with amazing brutal vocals in the beginning and with beautiful guitar works especially at the solos parts!!The album continues in the same thrashing form with the songs ''Acid Terror'', ''Snow Controlled'' (heavy mid-tempo with frenzy vocals!!!, ''If It Bleeds'' (Pure Thrash to the bone!!!), ''Slaughterhouse'' (my favourite), ''Hangar One'' (Power to the Max!!!), ''Product Of Profession'' (Technical drum parts with full double bass drumming) & ''Funeral Feast'' (Great lyrics...this is your funeral feast - thank you for your death..ha ha ha!!!AWESOME!!!). I enjoyed the album so much and I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to hear it before it was originally released (Thanks again Dominik!!). Also, I must say that the production is solid, fucking heavy, produced, recorded and mixed by Cornelius Rambadt at Rambado Recordings & mastering by Dennis Koehne. The cover artwork is amazing, as you can see, and it was made by Timon Kokott. Layout by Robert Ondereyck & Tape Layout by Maurice Mosqua. The album will be released on Digipak CD, limited edition cassette on 100 copies only and, of course, for us, the vinyl junkies 200 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on marbled purple vinyl edition. So metal maniacs, be sure to get a physical copy because only physical is real! Enjoy this album and support TASKFORCE TOXICATOR because they deserve it!

1. Laser Samurai
2. Commercial Confessions
3. Death From Above
4. Acid Terror
5. Snow Controlled
6. If It Bleeds
7. Slaughterhouse
8. Hangar One
9. Product Of Profession
10. Funeral Feast

Fabian Koch - Vocals
Dominik Rothe - Guitar
Lars Wenning - Guitar
Hendrik Klahold - Bass
Lysander Gerding - Drums

Skull Splitting Force (Compilation - 2023)
Live Oppression (Live Album - 2022)
Reborn In Thrash (EP - 2021)
Taskforce Toxicator (EP - 2018)










By Steve the Filthy Dog.

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