22 Apr


Country: Germany
Year: 2024
Label: Independent

SLEEPING WELL hails from Hanover, Germany, and as we all know, Germany has always had a huge tradition of heavy metal music, and for my personal taste, it is the absolute metal scene. SLEEPING WELL is active since 2011, and they have already released a few EPs and one studio full-length album, ''Rapid Eye Movement'' in 2015. Deuce (Bass/Vocals) has the kindness to send us their brand new second studio album, ''Wisdom of the Ages'', which was released a month ago! The album contains nine compositions (total time: 01:14:39!) of pure and true heavy metal. The songs are very well composed, serious, and they sounded very pleasing despite their long duration. The band members appear to be very knowledgeable about their instruments and have prior experience writing music. The songs of SLEEPING WELL is like a musical (metal!) journey, which you can hear from classic metal songs to doom metal, speed metal, and, of course, epic metal. Passionate songs with beautiful refrains, Oh Gee, the vocals of Muppet are so awesome!!! Amazing, clean, heavy, and passionate vocals with identity. I have many years to hear a vocalist like this!! Well done, Muppet, your vocals are KILLER! Magical guitar riffs from Muppet and Luhnatic. Their guitar work is really fantastic, with tremendous guitar licks and solos that will blow your mind (and your speakers!). The rhythm section is like a thunderous beast that takes the songs to a higher level. Bass lines that will speak to your heart (listen to ''Nightmare'') together with killer technical power drumming make an explosive mix! I should say here that bass and drums were performed by Deuce (well done, Deuce, you did excellent work!). Also, the production is top-notch! Boys and girls, I am talking about high-quality production mixing and mastering by Nino Helfrich at SKULL TONE STUDIOS. Drums and Vocals recorded at REDCOURT RECORDINGS. Last but not least, I must say that the cover artwork is a total killer, made by HYPERBHOLIC. As you can see, the album ''Wisdom of the Ages'' was released independently, and I'm really sitting and thinking, What the hell are the record companies doing? Here we have a real metal gem, and are you fucking sleeping?? What the fuck?? I have written something like that in some reviews that I have done in the past. I have heard so many amazing bands release their albums independently in the 5 years since I made Filthy Dogs of Metal, and I'm thinking that I definitely need to do my record company soon and release records like this (especially this release on vinyl, which will be incredible!). I have no more words to say about this metal gem of SLEEPING WELL, Listen to the album, and you will understand what I am saying. 2024 has already had great metal releases, and we are not yet in the middle of the year! Thank you, Deuce and SLEEPING WELL for your music! METAL 'TILL HELL FREEZES OVER!!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.

Muppet - Vocals / Guitars
Deuce Simmons - Bass
Luhnatic - Guitars
Neo - Drums

1. The Golden Dawn
2. Chronicles of Pyropolis
3. Of Beggars and Kings
4. Horus
5. Nightmare
6. Sirens of the Sea
7. Atlantis
8. Trojan Horse
9. Ragnarok







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