08 Mar


Country: Lithuania
Year: 2024
Label: Independent

NIGHT SLASHER is a black/speed metal band hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania. They started back in 2014 under the name ALCOTOPIA, and they released an album called "It Hits the Spot" in 2019. You can read a very interesting interview that we had with them HERE. As it seems, 2024 entered very strongly with this awesome release. NIGHT SLASHER's music is very powerful and aggressive, which will satisfy every headbanger's appetite. The album contains eight songs of pure black/speed metal madness combined with classic old-school heavy metal sound. From the first song, ''Ice'', you will feel a ferocious speed metal fist in your face. An amazing song with a killer guitar solo and maniac screaming vocals from Laurynas Karka! You will hear (and feel) a fast thrashing rage with the songs ''Black Trip'' (check out their official video), ''Liver Ripper'', and ''Ablaze'' (wonderful melodic solo!!). ''Clyster Lizard'' is a classic heavy metal song with a beautiful speed metal riff and excellent fast drumming (blast beats!) played by Dmitrijus Matvejevas. Another awesome song from this album is ''Pit of Hate'' (my favorite, together with ''Ice''). Oh man, what a killer riff that is! It is like a razorblade of classic heavy metal, ala Judas Priest!! Fucking great!!! Also, the video clip is a killer!! ''Tower'' is a very interesting composition. It started heavy and doomy, and then it turned into a fast and aggressive monster song with heavy mid-tempo parts from a solid rhythm section from Tomas Ivanovas (Bass) and Dmitrijus Matvejevas (Drums). The last song on the album is ''Satan in the Hall''. I would say that it is a small surprise to me because this song is very different from the others. The first time I listened to it, I was very skeptical about it, but after 2-3 times, this song really grabbed me! Melodic, heavy, fast, mid-tempo, crazy guitar solos (wouah-wouah rulez!!!) all together in the music blender of NIGHT SLASHER! You will love it!!! The production of the album is solid, heavy, and clear, produced in Hell by Juozapas Bočkus. Last but not least, I should say that the cover artwork is really awesome, with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere made by Mindaugas Mališauskas, aka Shpy. It was released on February 6th in a limited edition hand-numbered CD (I hope to see it very soon on vinyl!!). Grab your copy before it's too late. Support NIGHT SLASHER (great name, by the way!) because they are true, heavy, and wild. And as NIGHT SLASHER says in the liner notes, ''This album has been recorded with real drums without sample replacement or even enforcement, real guitar and bass amps, no autotune or copy and pasted parts. All sound samples has been recorded from scratch while also avoiding any industry standard recording cliches''. So now, metal maniacs, you know what to expect from NIGHT SLASHER, True Black/Speed metal music, made from metalheads to metalheads. Ideal for maniacs of PILEDRIVER, RAZOR, BULLDOZER, NIFELHEIM, MIDNIGHT, etc.

By Steve the Filthy Dog.


Laurynas Karka - Fire Breathing Vocals
Juozapas Bočkus - Hellish Roaring Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tomas Ivanovas - Skull Crushing Bass, Backing Vocal & Noises
Dmitrijus Matvejevas - Earthquaking Drums

1. Ice
2. Black Trip
3. Clyster Lizard
4. Liver Ripper
5. Pit Of Hate
6. Ablaze
7. Towers
8. Satan In The Hall







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