27 Oct


Country: Russia
Year: 2021
Label: Grotesque Sounds & Wings Of Destruction Production

Wow, what a metallic bomb is this?
Here we have the first album of ARCANEBLAZE. A one man band by Dmitrii Borodin hailing from Udmurt Republic, Russia.

''Spawn Of Putrefaction'' contains 7 songs:
1. Will of Conjuration
2. World Devourer
3. Feat the Flesh
4. Burning Slut
5. Reap their Heads
6. Total Destruction (Bathory Cover)
7. Lost Wisdom (Burzum Cover)

The album starts with a Black/Speed metal hymn ''Will of Conjuration''. Amazing guitar riff (ala WHIPLASH) and with vocals that shreds your ears!! Powerful song full of energy, rawness and anger!!! In the continue we have the ''World Devourer''. Again here a fast song with fast double drumming and with a killer riff in the vein of EXODUS that stucks in your mind!! Third song of the EP is the ''Feat the Flesh''. Classic speed / thrash metal composition straight from the glorious 80s!! Dmitrii is a great riff master, well done!! Fourth song is the ''Burning Slut'' (my favorite with the Will of Conjuration), a street speed punkmetal song, with an amazing guitar riff that will blow you mind!! Fifth song is the ''Reap their Heads''. A blackened Speed Metal holocaust with an amazing guitar work! Guitar riffs like razorblades!!!The last 2 tracks are cover songs from BATHORY & BURZUM. ''Total Destruction'' is well played, but in my humble opinion no one can recapture the emotions of the original edition from the masterpiece album ''The Return.....''. But the effort was satisfactory. And the last song is ''Lost Wisdom''. This is a very very well played cover!! Congratulations Dmitrii!! So, if you are a fan of the classic speed/thrash metal bands from the glorious 80s like: WHIPLASH, EXODUS, KREATOR, VENOM, SDI, DESTRUCTION, SLAYER, BATHORY & if you love the ''newest'' ones like MIDNIGHT, HELLRIPPER, NIFELHEIM, BUTCHER etc. then ARCANEBLAZE will satisfied your metal taste 100%!! Also, I should mention that the production of the EP is awesome, made by Dmitrii Borodin & the cover artwork made by Skaðvaldur. I look forward to the next ARCANEBLAZE album to shred my ears again!!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.




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