08 Jan


Country: Poland
Year: 2023
Label: Ossuary Records

The awesome package from Poland arrived a few days ago at our headquarters, containing some new releases from perhaps the best and hottest record company, Ossuary Records. The name of the band is EXTINKT and they come to us from Poland. They are a very powerful trio, and the band members have been in various bands such as Distrüster, Topór (an amazing band!), Terrordome, Rites of Daath, Throat, Psychopath and more, so the listener can understand that we are talking about very skilled musicians who know their instruments very well, know how to play, and know how to write down great compositions! ''Trinity Redux'' CD is their second full-length studio album. The album contains 10 compositions with wild, fast-thrashing songs, but not only that. Their music has a big variety of genres, from doom metal to punk, hardcore, crust, thrash metal, and of course, classic heavy metal. From the very first song, ''Radioactive Death'', your head starts to spin under the fast sounds. Fast thrash songs with some classic hardcore elements. Of course, there are also songs that surprise me, like ''Battle Song'', where it is completely different from all the rest. Here we are talking about a very good punk rock song with clear (and sometimes melodic) vocals. Perfect song for bar situations... ''From Before'' is a very interesting song with heavy guitar riffing and a beautiful guitar solo! ''Fed with Disease'' (the longest song of the album) is a very atmospheric song with attitude, and last but not least is the last song of the album, ''As the Sky Falls Apart'', such a beautiful sentimental instrumental composition. I really enjoy this release, and thank you very much, Mateusz, once again for releasing albums under Ossuary Records like that and helping to spread great bands like EXTINKT to the metal community! Their has no boundaries; it is heavy, it is fast, it is doomy, and it is wonderful!!! Well done, guys!!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.

The CD version has been released in two different editions:
1. Released in a transparent tray jewel case with an 8-page booklet.
2. In a limited edition of 100 copies only in a transparent tray jewel case, it comes in a slipcase with exclusive artwork, an 8-page booklet, a band logo patch, and a signed photo of the band!

The cassette version has been released in three limited editions:
1. Blue-colored tape (40 copies)
2. Orange-colored tape (40 copies)
3. Fosfo green tape (20 copies)

1. Radioactive Death 01:54
2. Chems in My Veins 02:17
3. Battle Song 03:08
4. How have You Fallen 02:36
5. Temple of Trials 03:52
6. Human No-Go Zone 02:36
7. From Before 03:37
8. Fed With Disease 06:12
9. Redemption Song 02:34
10. As the Sky Falls Apart 02:20









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