05 Apr


Country: Israel
Year: 2022
Label: Witches Brew Records

For 16 years, DIE ENTWEIHUNG has had plenty of discography and offers quality albums to the metal community. ''Strict Regime Country'' is their new album and it was released via the German record label Witches Brew. The man behind DIE ENTWEIHUNG is the multi-talented musician Denis (Hail my brother Denis!!), who we had a very interesting interview for about the new album in January 2023, which you can read HERE. Musically, their new album is quite different from the previous ones. That is very logical because the improvement and evolution of each band is cultivated year after year, improving the technical part and, of course, the creative part.The album has many progressive passages with technical parts. You can hear flutes & saxophone in the same song title, mid-eastern melodies played with bouzouki (Hail yeah!) & all these elements, of course, are wrapped with heavy guitars ,brutal vocals & a dark atmosphere! This album is the first time that Denis hasn't performed any vocals for the first time, since the beginning of the band. The extreme vocals took place by a session member, Bilge "Serpent" & the female vocals were performed by Alena Krakorova from NOCTURNAL PESTILENCE (She had cooperated with Denis in the previous album "Kings & Pawns"). Also, the album has 2 more guests. The solo of ''Mayhem Of The Doomed'' is played by Filip Šuster from NOISEBLEED / INTROVERTEX & the solo on ''Yesterday'' is composed & played by Marianna Lukianova (VESSSNA, ex - FRIGHT NIGHT). Mixed by Denis, mastered by Yuri ''DarkDevil'' Babeshko at Dark Union Studio. We cannot forget the beautiful cover artwork here made by Olga Kann & the layout by Cheryl Schnidler (Witches Brew Boss!). The CD edition is limited to 500 copies in a classic jewel case edition with an 8 page booklet (including lyrics, credits and photo) via Witches Brew Records & for the analogue lovers, the album was released on tape in a very limited edition to 30 copies only via Clan Destine Records.

By Steve the Filthy Dog.








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