02 Jan


Country: Germany
Year: 2022
Label: DDR Music Company

I think 2022 will be the same shit year as the 2 previous ones BUT in all this crappy situation that we are going through, fortunately we have our beloved music to keep us strong and healthy! COBRAKILL is going to release their debut full-length studio album under the name "Cobratör". The band is hailing from Bielefeld, Germany and was founded in early 2020, you can read more info about the COBRAKILL in the interview that they had given us HERE. "Cobratör'' contains 8 songs of pure and old school hard rock music with lots of heavy metal elements. The album starts with the ''Silver Fist''. A very strong song with a catchy riff that sticks in your mind and with beautiful backing chorus vocals, ''Silver Fist! Silver Fist! Silver Fist! All Hail!! Silver Fist''. Second song of the album is the ''Deathstalker''. Oh man!! What a great riff in the beginning ala OZZY OSBOURNE' s - Bark At The Moon!! Hell yeah!! Fucking great song with double bass drumming from Tobi Ventura and with a badass guitar solo that will blow your head off!! Third song of the album is "Cobratör". Fuck!! This song comes directly from the glorious 80s!! Awesome sound, freshy and with all the American Hard 'n' Heavy Metal elements. The main riff is sharp like a razor and the sound of the guitars from Randy White & Tommy Gun is killer, with groovy bass from Crippler Ramirez, bombastic drumming by Tobi Ventura & nasty vocals from Nick Adams. Fourth song of the album is the ''Desperados''. Wild song with double fast bass drumming and really clever & dirty lyrics ''Let’s purify our blood With some Tequila shots Some salt and lemon cuts Me hermano Let’s smoke another pack And drink another jack Unhinged and out of track Desperados De-spe-ra-dos!'' Fifth song is the ''Electrifier''. Solid metal sound here ala JUDAS PRIEST with high pitch vocals and guitars spitting fire in your face! Amazing song, so tensive & electric especially in the end! In the continue we have the ''Bring it, Sugar''. Very nice bass & drums lines in the beginning and guitar chords hot as fuck with very melodic phrases in the bridge and a refrain that will blow your ears!! This song is the soundtrack of a hot rocking night!!! Seventh song is the ''Lavender Haze Gypsy''. Heavy song with melodic guitars, wild and passionate vocals! Probably my favorite of the album!! It will rock you so hard!!! Last song is ''We‘ve just begun''. Very sentimental song with beautiful vocals and clean guitars that the chords together with the lyrics will travel you far away! ''You can‘t stop me now Cos‘ we’re not born to follow We‘re not meant to bow to no one Now we are free to fly I say, listen to me Cos‘ one day Glory and fame will find me We‘re gonna win''. And as the lyrics say ''we're gonna win'', yes, I'm pretty sure that the future of COBRAKILL is bright for them! So, girls & boys, rockers, metallers & freaks out there, watch out for the debut album of COBRAKILL. It will be released by The DDR Music Company (ex- Demon Doll Records) from Encino, California in February 2022. Ideal for fans of MOTLEY CRUE, W.A.S.P. , LIZZY BORDEN, FIREHOUSE etc. You've been warned!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.

1. Silver Fist
2. Deathstalker
3. CobrAtÖr
4. Desperados
5. Electrifier
6. Bring it, Sugar
7. Lavender Haze Gypsy
8. We‘ve just begun

Line up:
Nick Adams – Lead Vocals
Randy White – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tommy Gun – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Crippler Ramirez – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Toby Ventura – Drums, Backing Vocals
Eike Jamelle – Session Drummer

Music by Randy White and Nick Adams
Lyrics by Nick Adams, Randy White and Logan Lexi
Recordings and Mixing by Menny Leusmann at Monkey
Moon Recordings, Dortmund
Mastering by Jochen Müller
Cover artwork by Hendrik Noack
Photos, Layout and Design by Claudia Brüggenkam






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