29 Mar


Country: USA
Year: 2024
Label: Screaming Alice / Minizaka Records

WOW!!! This hellishly brutal split 7'' came directly from the toughest streets of New York to destroy my speakers, crash my ears, and, of course, the peace, quiet, and loving atmosphere of my neighbors! Oh man!! I had many years to listen to such brutal stuff like that!! The split 7'' EP contains six evil songs that are going to make your ears bleed. CASKET WRETCH's music is so brutal, filthy, and evil!! Three tracks straight from the deepest part of hell with bulldozing guitar riffing, distorted bass lines ala VENOM, maniac skin-beating drumming, and sick growling vocals make for a heavy and gory atmosphere!! LORD PAPUS's music is wild, filthy, 'and raw. Powerful black 'n roll riffs with MetalPunk sound are going to make you thrash your room for sure. The vocals are sick and evil!! Also, I loved the sound in the guitars, especially in the solo parts, which remind me a lot of MOTORHEAD. The cover artwork of CASKET WRETCH is really great, with an amazing atmosphere and pure evil!! The cover artwork for LORD PAPUS conveys a sense of doom and horror. The whole package arrived with beautiful stickers, an amazing patch (thank you so much, guys!!), and a badass poster!! The split EP has been released on 7'' vinyl, and the cassette edition includes tracks that are not available on the vinyl version. Don't forget to read the interviews that we had with CASKET WRETCH & LORD PAPUS. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you want a sick, heavy, and evil release, this one is for you! Ideal for fans of MOTORHEAD, SLAYER, VENOM, and MetalPunk. EVIL MUSIC FOR EVIL PEOPLE!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.

Side A:
1. Casket Wretch - Eaters Of The Dead
2. Casket Wretch - Miasma
3. Casket Wretch - Psychomanteum
Side B:
4. Lord Papus - Drowning In The Evil Well
5. Lord Papus - Sitting Around In Hell
6. Lord Papus - Hoarder House






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