12 Dec


Country: Argentina
Year: 2021
Label: Ossuary Records

Holy shit!! What dynamite is this?? The debut EP ''Dynamite'' of the Argentine metallers is a true heavy metal dynamite (as the title says!!) The band has been active for 5 years now with the same line up and they are playing hot and solid heavy metal like an iron fist! Powerful heavy metal songs with fantastic guitar riffs, pounding drumming & epic vocals with heavy metal chorus which gonna blow your head off!! ''Banners High'' is so fucking great song, in the vein of RUNNING WILD with sharp razors guitars and a badass refrain that will sticks in your mind! ''Dynamite'' is a classic old school heavy metal ala IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT and of course RUNNING WILD! Awesome refrain ''This is the end for all mankind, this is the day of doom. 'Coz I am...Dynamite''...super!!! You are going to be speechless. Third song of the EP is the ''Flag Of Freedom''. An epic song (WOW!! You guys know how to write heavy metal anthems!!) full of passion and straight from the glorious 80s!! The song is a mix of SCORPIONS, ACCEPT & AXXIS!! Ideal song for a live concert, total badass!! The Fourth song of the EP is the ''Fist Pounding''. Holy crap!! This song is a heavy metal bomb!! Riffs heavy as fuck ala ACCEPT & JUDAS PRIEST and the vocals of Poli Serafini so close to Rob Halford!!! ''I wanna see your fist pounding''!!! Last song of the EP is the ''Feel the Heat''. Amazing guitar work here from Poli & Ariel Garcia, epic pounding rhythm, hot solos and heavy bass lines from Martin De Bonis. Of course last but not least is the metal column behind the drum kit, Matias Pena! His playing skills are monstrous!! A true heavy metal drummer!! The EP ''Dynamite'' is a must have release for every true metaller! The band plays true & honest heavy metal music straight from their heart and they give chills and thrills with their songs. For sure, they will feed your hunger for TRUE heavy metal! Well done metal brothers & well done Mateusz (Ossuary Records) for having such amazing bands in your roster & of course for bringing true metal to the world!! You made my day!! I'm looking forward for the next release of BULLETPROOF.

By Steve the Filthy Dog.





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