22 Nov

Черные Сердца - Anthology

Country: Russia
Year: 2020
Label: Wings Of Destruction Production

EPIC METAL is at its best!!! What an album is that? What a band is that??
So so fucking great!!! From the first notes of ''Над Русью Киевской Гроза'' I fell in love with this band. Unfortunately, I do not understand anything about the lyrics, about the tracklist, I cannot speak or read Russian but the feeling that I got from this band was like I heard Heavy Metal music for the first time! So honest, pure and proud metal!! The songs are amazing, with passion and epicness straight from their heart!! Pounding guitars with epic bass lines and with amazing double leading solos ala IRON MAIDEN! The drums sounded like they have recorded in an ancient cave, together with the vocals BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK when you have those heavy metal anthems!! Songs that are made straight from the heart of a true metaller!! Really.. I have no words for this CD, but only to say a big THANK YOU to Alex from WINGS OF DESTRUCTION PRODUCTION that he introduced me to this band. I have no words to describe their epic music, but please, TRUE metalheads outhere, check as soon as possible Черные Сердца and you will not regret it. Черные Сердца was a well hidden metal gem that every TRUE heavy metal fan must have to his collection. BEWARE, Черные Сердца - Anthology is ONLY for TRUE METALLERS. It is 100% forbidden for posers, new metallers, progressive metallers and generally for fans that don't know what TRUE METAL is!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.

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