22 Nov

Схоластика - Солнце на ладони

Country: Russia
Year: 2020
Label: Wings Of Destruction Production

Cool, raging and powerful stuff here! This Russian metal band SCHOLASTICA (Схоластика) plays a mix between speed and thrash metal with some classic heavy metal elements which is really killer!!! Very clear and heavy sound!! ''Солнце на ладони'' (The Sun on the Palm") is their second full length studio album and it contains 12 songs.

1. Беги!!!
2. Солнце на ладони
3. Камозин в небе!!!
4. Драть
5. Эгоист
6. Берег, которого нет
7. Про честь
8. Метр жизни
9. Against (Sepultura cover)
10. Нас здесь нет
11. На волне
12. Пустота

''Солнце на ладони'' released in 2016 as a self-release and here we have the CD edition of the mighty Wings Of Destruction Production with a different cover artwork (awesome cover!!) and different tracklist order that was released in 2020. You can learn more details about Схоластика in the interview that they have given us HERE. Songs like ''Беги!!!'', ''Эгоист'', ''Нас здесь нет'', ''Берег, которого нет '' are the highlights of the album. Also, it contains an amazing cover song ''Against'' from the mighty SEPULTURA and it is very well played!!! The album ''Солнце на ладони'' flows very fast and I didn't realize how quickly 42:29min. passed by, so I put it again and again in my CD Player. Τhe only objection that I have is that the songs are a bit short in duration. Besides that, the album is awesome & you can spend a really great thrashing time with this powerful album! For fans of METALLICA, MEGADETH, EXODUS, SLAYER, SEPULTURA, OVERKILL, ANTHRAX etc.

By Steve the Filthy Dog.




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