16 Nov


…FILTHY DOG and VINYL MINT managed to sell all the records of the old hag on the e-auctions. Now the whole amount of money that they gained would be spent on hot HEAVY METAL stuff. VINYL MINT was so excited with the e-auctions and with the internet platforms where she could buy exclusively records. She started searching for the “FIRE AND STEEL” LP on the web but, as it is an extremely rare piece, unfortunately it wasn’t available for sale at that moment. FILTHY DOG then had a brilliant idea and told VINYL MINT while showing at his laptop:

FILTHY DOG: Turn that brain-cramp-causing device off and let’s go outside to find it!

VINYL MINT: Is there any record store nearby where we can buy it?

FILTHY DOG: No, unfortunately not here. I have visited every little corner of this city and every grandma that wants to get rid of her records, I have walked every street, I have searched in every public trash can, in every record store and in every second hand shop for quality metal stuff, and I realized that I am searching at the wrong place. We have to go to the north, maybe to Holland, or …let’s visit Germany, the temple of European Heavy Metal!!! There are so many flee markets, especially every Sunday, where everyday persons sell private items that they don’t use anymore in very low prices sometimes. Once in Berlin I found the holy grail of Cool Feet for 3 Euros, can you believe it???

VINYL MINT: Cool!!! Let’s go to Berlin then!

FILTHY DOG: Great! We already have enough money to buy records. We will need, however, some extra money for the  flight tickets.

VINYL MINT: What can we do on Earth in order to gain money?

FILTHY DOG: The harvesting of olive trees takes place these months on Crete. We can work there for daily pay!

VINYL MINT: Great! Let's do this!  

So, VINYL MINT and FILTHY DOG started working on the fields in order to gain more money and be able to fly to Berlin. VINYL MINT enjoyed very much working on the fields, where she could see so many strange earth species of the virgin nature, like birds, worms, insects, flowers and trees. As she was working in the olive fields, she realized how sacred these trees were for the human beings.

The olives trees gave great amounts of olives, which could be eaten or could be used for olive-oil production. FILTHY DOG explained to her that olives and olive-oil are an important part of the worldwide-famous Mediterranean diet, but he added that he wasn’t very much into the healthy nutrition way of living, as he prefers to consume tons of Greek “pita-gyros” everyday. As VINYL MINT and the other workers were collecting the olives, FILTHY DOG was carrying and loading the trucks with 45kilos sacks full of olives.

This work was only for tough guys with great muscular strength, while FILTHY DOG  in his everyday life seemed to be a lazy sluggard who only listened to music, drank beers and smoked cigarettes all day long…He managed to carry all these heavy loads by pumping strength from his walkman and his “music-to-carry-heavy-load- compilation cassette”, with Manowar stuff and other, which he had created in the past for his part-time jobs when he was totally broke.  As the boss noticed that FILTHY DOG wasn’t so fast as the other carriers, he shouted at him: “Hey you, slowpoke, work faster…what’s your name?” FILTHY DOG threw the sack down and stared the boss directly in the eyes with such a frowning gaze that made the boss freeze and responded: “FILTHY ANGER DOG”. At that moment a song that made the 45-kilo sack weigh as light as a feather began to play on the walkman:

The olive harvest ended, but as the daily pay for roustabouts like VINYL MINT and FILTHY DOG was shamelessly low, the two friends decided to start working at a construction site as unskilled workers, in order to gain more money for their trip to Germany.

Working at the construction site was a very hard job, but exactly like the construction that was being built,  FILTHY DOG and VINYL MINT were hard as rock, able to endure even under the worst circumstances.

In their attempt to gain more money they also worked as cleaners. Cleaning, especially toilets, could be very cruel sometimes, but their sacred aim helped them keep going without breaking down. 

After many shitty work experiences VINYL MINT realized that is very hard to live on Earth as an unskilled worker. To her surprise, although the unskilled workers, like her, were the only persons who accepted to work hard as slaves at works where no rational person would work, nobody seemed to recognize their great contribution to society…

The months went by, FILTHY DOG and VINYL MINT kept working hard and sweating on various jobs, but finally they managed to gain the desirable amount of money that they would use for their first travel together…Now they were ready to move on…

(to be continued…)


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