07 Jan


Country: Russia
Year: 2021
Label: Risen From The Dust Production

Russia has a very strong scene in metal music and it seems to be rising and very promising. Fortunately, there are companies in this field such as Risen From The Dust Production, which has very strong releases in its catalog. One of them is THRASHOLD OF PAIN. Their music is basically thrash metal with fast & aggressive songs, wild vocals and several technical parts, especially on the drum parts. Their songs from the beginning of the album (OK, ''Cross The Void'' is an intro) until the end spread a thrash metal holocaust full of fast parts but also the classic heavy metal parts and sounds haven't missing! With songs like: ''Futility'', ''Killing Spree'' (my favorite), ''Wrong Way'' (very melodic and heavy the solo in the middle) & ''Wasteland'' (the main riff will reap your ears out!!) The future of THRASHOLD OF PAIN is very promising. The band members know how to play their instruments and how to write awesome metal compositions.The guitar work of Ilya Saraev & Denis Lysenko is excellent, with beautiful clear sounds especially in the solos. Their riffs are so badass & heavy! The bass work of Alexey Evstratov is so fucking heavy, listen to ''The Hills Run Red'' and you will understand what I'm talking about! The drum parts of Anton Kruglov are superb!! Very technical and professional drummer with awesome ideas that the songs goes to the next level. Last but not least is the vocalist of the band Mikhail Kuznetsov. His voice is so wild, aggressive & characteristic that gives to THRASHOLD OF PAIN a unique identity, listen to ''Useless'' and you can listen that his voice has a wide range! Brutal & emotional at the same time! The production of the album is solid and heavy, made by Mike Bay. The packaging is very professional and it comes in a 12 pages booklet with lyrics, photos & with a beautiful OBI! Generally the album will satisfy the metal fans worldwide!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.







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