11 Apr


Country: Russia
Year: 2021
Label: Risen From The Dust Production

WOW!! What we have here! Another awesome release from the great Russian record label Risen From The Dust Production! Splatterums hails from Kimry, Tver Oblast and was formed in 2016. Their music style is a combination of extreme technical Death Metal with Thrash Metal elements. The name Splatterums (short for Splatter Room) refers to the splatterpunk horror fiction genre and the old video game Splatterhouse!The title of the Mini-Album is so fucking great ''Splatter Metal''! From the first song, the instrumental ''Growls of Destiny'' grabs you by the neck! Slow parts which are so heavy as fuck! The songs of the EP are very aggressive with lots of blast beats, very technical drumming, guitars and bass lines that gonna rip you flesh out and of course with awesome gore vocals. ''Death Hype Camp'' (my favourite), ''Splatter KVLT'' , ''Gray Man Tomorrow (So brutal song!)'' are definitely highlighting points for this album. The CD edition that I have in my hands contains 3 bonus tracks ''Growls Of Destiny'' (Fogg Version, 2019), ''Death Hype Camp'' (SNG Version, 2021) & Splatter Destroyer (Haity Records version, 2021), 12 pages booklet with photos and lyrics + a beautiful OBI from Risen From The Dust Production. The production of the Mini-album is awesome, brutal, heavy & clear + the cover artwork which is so badass!! ''Splatter Metal'' album is ideal for death metal fans of CANNIBAL CORPSE, MASTER, MACABRE & generally for horror lovers!!!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.






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