11 Nov


Country: Russia
Year: 2021
Label: Wings Of Destruction Production

The Russian label Wings Of Destruction offers us another awesome release. This time we will talk about PANZERGOAT. The band has existed since 2012 and serves black metal with devotion. You can find out more about them in the interview they gave us. ''Selfdestruction Anthems'' is their first full-length album and contains 12 songs:
1. Knife Worship
2. Thoughts Of Suicidal Freak
3. Fuck You All
4. Violence Master
5. Rain Of Pain
6. Nekroterror
7. Churching
8. Hurricane
9. Endless Suffering
10. Infernal Hangover
11. Zum Kotzen*
12. Grime

Their songs are full of rage, hate, chaos and generally full of black spells and curses. Songs of chaotic black metal with hate atmosphere like ''Knife Worship'', ''Nekroterror'', ''Churching'', ''Hurricane'' & more thrashing black metal like: ''Endless Suffering'', ''Fuck You All (My favourite)'', ''Infernal Hangover'' & ''Grime (a little bit of punk style!) and of course PANZERGOAT gives their respect to the mighty Finish maniacs IMPALED NAZARENE with a cover song ''Zum Kotzen'' from the ''Latex Cult'' album back in 1996 (you remember this album! It was fucking awesome!). Generally the music of PANZERGOAT is a tribute to the metal music from the 80s and the 90s, inspired from the great bands like IMPALED NAZARENE, DARKTHRONE, SODOM, SLAYER and PUNGENT STENCH. So, if you are a fucking black metal maniac then this album is made to satisfied your metal hunger!

By Steve the Filthy Dog.


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